Here at Phuel Apps we like to use tools that do not overcomplicate the problem. Why would you use a screwdriver when you could use a drill? We like to select the correct tool for the job. Below we explain what we use for our applications and why we love them.

Laravel Web Applications

toolboxWith 5,000 daily downloads and almost 26,000 stars on GitHub it is easy to say that Laravel has quickly become one of the most popular PHP frameworks since it came out 5 years ago. Every version that comes out is packed with new features that makes it easier and easier for us developers to produce quality applications quickly. What does that mean for you? We are able to create your dream application very quickly, because the tedious features like authentication, notifications, and payment integration are already taken care of for us by the framework itself.

Ionic Mobile Applications

While 2 years younger than Laravel, Ionic has also quickly become a very popular framework for building mobile applications. It’s daily downloads and GitHub stars are very similar to Laravel’s! Ionic creates hybrid mobile apps which is the best of both worlds. We can develop applications that use native phone features like the camera and location, without needing to develop in phones proprietary language.What does that mean for you?  This means that we can develop an app once, and deploy everywhere (iOs, Android, and even Windows).

We could go on and on about why we use these tools and why it is good for you and your business, but the moral of the story is: we use them because we love them. Loving a tool is important because it makes the entire process more enjoyable for you and us!